Organic crushed raw buckwheat, barley, spelt, rye and oat porridge

Ingredients: organic hulled broken raw buckwheat (20,8%), organic polished crushed barley (20,8%), organic Spelt wheat crushed (20,8%), organic rye crushed (20,8%), organic oat flakes (16,7%).

These “Mamuko” groats are larger, so we recommend preparing this porridge for children who are one or more years old.

Special-purpose cereal-based foods for infants and babies. Suitable for babies from 12 months. 25 g of the product (6-7 teaspoons) provides one serving. This pack contains 8-10 servings.

Tinka kūdikiams nuo 4 mėnesių
Be pridėtinio cukraus
Be pieno
Be konservantų ar kitų maisto priedų
Tinka veganams
From 4 months
Without added sugar
Without milk
No preservatives or other food additives
Suitable for vegans

Pour 6-7 teaspoons of the product into 250 ml of cold water and soak for 5 minutes. Stir the mixture until boiling and continue to cook for 4-5 minutes. Once cooked turn off the cooker and leave the pot covered for another 4-5 minutes. Porridge can be flavored with “Mamuko” fruit puree. Attention! Please carefully read and follow the instructions. Do not store cooked product.

100 g of product contains:
Energy value kj / Kcal. 1542/364
Fat (g.) 2,7
-of which saturates (g.) 0,5
Carbohydrate (g.) 74,7
-of which sugars (g.) 1,7
Fiber (g.) 10,20
Salt (g.) 0,03

Production process

1. Grain selection

The requirements for organic grain intended for our beloved babies are much higher than those applicable to the organic grains intended for adults. One of the most difficult tasks is to find organic grains that are suitable for baby diet. It is not easy to cultivate such high quality grains and maintaining their quality with each harvest is an increasingly difficult mission. Therefore, we are on a constant lookout for new suppliers.

2. Grain testing

Our products are intended for the youngest and most sensitive members of our families, our precious babies. Therefore, there is no doubt that only the safest raw materials can be used in the production process, which is why we carefully cross-examine and test each batch of grains.

3. Production

The creation of the organic Mamuko porridge was a project born in cooperation with a number of gastroenterologists. Together we achieved the highest quality products that are most nutritional and beneficial for growing babies and children. We never thermally process the grains.

4. Quality management

We carefully monitor each step of the Mamuko porridge production process to ensure that your babies get only premium quality products.

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