Happy people
Happy people

Happy people

Working for a better and healthier world

MAMUKO aims to keep the people working in the team happy.

Everyone deserves attention, praise, and, when needed, understanding. That’s why a friendly, cordial, and comfortable working atmosphere is so important to us. After all, smiling people make a better world.

“MAMUKO cares about the social well-being of its employees. We want our people to have big, beautiful dreams and their salaries to help them achieve them. Always on time, always transparent and always appreciating.
It is important to have a goal and MAMUKO will help to achieve it. “

MAMUKO’s journey

MAMUKO started its journey in 2012. Until then, there were plenty of adventures, experiments, and ideas, but most importantly, there there was enough determination and courage to start creating new products for babies.

Under the magnifying glass

The whole production process is under a magnifying glass: every batch of products is tested in a special laboratory. Organic baby food is required to meet the highest quality standards.

A small family

"MAMUKO has a small team behind: 5 employees, each with a great knowledge of their job. They know each other well and support each other, each contributing with their own hands to make sure that the favourite MAMUKO product ends up on the little ones’ breakfast table."

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