About us
About us

About us

MAMUKO’s story

MAMUKO’s story is also one that started with exploration and discovery. The founder, pharmacist Šarūnas Stumbris, was inspired by his first-born daughter.

Let's not stop dreaming

Dreams are our inspiration. For mums, dreams help them raise their children, and for us, dreams help us grow our business. We face many challenges before we reach our goals. But we never stop.
Dreams help us create and discover.”

MAMUKO’s promise

MAMUKO’s vision and mission

“MAMUKO team is committed to sustainable growth.
Respect for people and nature will help to preserve a safer and happier planet.”

Responsibility and strong commitment to consumers

We guarantee the highest product quality.
Until MAMUKO’s porridges and purees reach your little ones, they pass through different stages of production under strict supervision.

Unique production technology

The products are made using a unique patented technology that preserves natural vitamins and minerals.
MAMUKO porridges are not extruded and the only ones that are boiled.

Reliability and safety

The raw materials we use meet the strict EU organic farming requirements and are certified as organic and safe.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Every small step can have a significant impact on our future and the planet. Together, we can create a happier world and help children achieve their dreams.

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